Quebec Immigration

The Canadian government has introduced various immigration policies to avoid the skill shortage. The skilled professionals who want to live in another region within the prefecture of Quebec are systemized under a program in which applicant can settle anywhere in Canada.

There are various parameters for the Quebec skilled worker program. There will be 5,000 application will be accepted during the period of 13th June to20th June 2016. This phase will be constrained to 41,000 applicants who have opened a Mon project Quebec account in the month of January. The system is not again planned to open for new application before the intake period of June.

Another 5,000 application will be approved in this regards, but the date and time have yet not being finalized. The report suggested that as of January the immigrant applicant of Canada through Quebec skilled worker program must in safety space Mon project Quebec in order to submit an application.

There are various concerns about the eligibility of this program. The candidate must have a certification of Quebec selection. This thing will further follow by a Canadian permanent resident visa. The process of selection for this system is complete depends on upon federal skilled worker class. The process has been implemented to provide the permanent residence visas to successful candidates.

The process is completely a point based system. Under this scheme, an unmarried person has to score minimum 49 points and a married person has to 57 points respectively.

The system is being summarized by the different factors. For education, a candidate can earn up to 14 points. Area of training and the employment offer have 16 points and 10n points respectively. Work experience 8 points, age 16 points, language proficiency 22 points, spouse characteristics 17 points , accompanying children 8 points and the financial fund is up to 1 points. The points have mentioned for the maximum level. So the point gained by the person may vary depending on the situation.

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