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Manitoba Provincial Nominee ProgramThe strong and beautiful economy of state of Manitoba in Canada has listed many people in past. The beautiful state of Manitoba lies between Ontario and Saskatchewan. Settling up in Manitoba from India has been dream of many. Earlier also many people have moved there along with their family. Different sectors and emerging technologies have managed to provide employment to many people in past, especially from India. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is one of the most effective and fast program for Indians to move to Manitoba.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba has been welcoming to the people who want to move to Canada and make their future there. In order to make this whole process smooth, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has been introduced. There are two options for anyone who want to move to Manitoba as they can choose one of them. One of them is the Canadian visa which is tied up with MPNP while the other is Canadian visa not tied up with MPNP. Those who choose to go for the Canadian visa which has a tie up with MPNP can choose one of these subcategories. The subcategories are such as general stream, international students or employer directives. While these subcategories are valid for the people who want to apply for independent application. Those who wish to join their families can apply for MPNP family support priority assessment scheme.

The process

In order to apply for MPNP, one must follow the instructions as guided by the immigration authorities of Manitoba. First step is to submit an expression of Interest letter online. After the submission of EOI, one must wait for the response from the immigration department. After receiving a letter of advice to apply from MPNP, one must submit the nomination application and after doing assessment of nomination application, one must complete a deposit agreement. After the final approval from Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, one can move forward with the application. And after few formalities, one can receive the visa to go to Manitoba.

Requirements to apply for MPNP

In order to apply for MPNP, the age of the applicant must be between 21 and 45. The applicant should be able to demonstrate his/her abilities that they can survive in Manitoba. They should have completed at least one year of degree. The applicant should have at least two years of experience in the same field in which they are applying for. Submission of the official results of the tests that proves their proficiency in English must be submitted along with the application. MPNP allows many people from India to move to Manitoba.

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