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Which Country is Best for Skilled immigrants to Get PR, Canada or USA?

Which Country is Best for Skilled immigrants to Get PR, Canada or USA? The skilled workers who are interested to immigrate to a new country, firstly check the processing time of a particular country whether it will take less time or not. The US and Canada are the two best immigration destinations that will also offer Permanent Residence faster to live and work in the Nations forever. If you are debating immigration to the United States or Canada, this blog will help you to understand the variance in processing times.

CANADA: Visa Processing time For SKilled Immigrants

Canada uses a major system called Express Entry for processing the applications of skilled worker immigrants. Unlike the United States system, Canadian Express Entry applicants do not require a job offer or work experience to apply for immigration. It must be noted that Canada has few other crucial immigration programs for highly skilled workers who are subject to process, but we are focusing currently on Express Entry. The Express Entry process is just a two-step process:

Step 1: Creation of the Express Entry profile

In order to create a profile in Express Entry, a candidate should have qualified the language proficiency test either in English or French, documentation proof, valid, passport and Educational Credentials test showing the value of all overseas education in Canadian universities. Processing time: There is no processing time to create an Express Entry profile. All the applicants who have the required documents can create and lodge a profile immediately. Then, after a few days, the government of Canadian issues Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to those candidates in the pool with the most skilled and competitive profiles.

Step 2: Application for Permanent Resident Visa

After receiving an Invitation to Apply, an Express Entry candidate can have 2 months time to submit their filled application for Candian permanent residence. Processing time:80% of skilled workers applications will be processed in 6 months or less. For the popular Federal Skilled Worker Program, 80% of skilled workers applications are processed in less than four months.

UNITED STATES: Visa Processing time For SKilled Immigrants

The best and popular pathway for skilled worker immigrants who are interested to attain a Green Card is through the Employment-Based Immigration program. In order to apply through this system, a skilled worker should be sponsored by their employer who is the United States and the employer is completely responsible for lodging a portion of the Visa application form. The US Employment-Based Green Card application is just a two-step process:

Step 1: Employer Sponsorship Form

This is an application form submitted by the employer providing evidence to the skills of the immigrant worker, the position of the job in question, and the inability to hire some other employee in the US to fill the required position. Processing time: This process will take 3.5 months to 8.5 months.

Step 2: Green Card Application

This is an application form submitted by the overseas workers, which constitutes the application form for the Green Card and US Permanent Resident Visa. Processing time: It will take 6 months to 42 months to attain the US Permanent Resident. Visa processing times for green card may vary depending on the state/territory and the submitted application center. Some application centers will take processing time as quick as 6 months, with the very long processing times exceed to 5 years. OVERVIEW: • Canada takes less processing time and has fewer requirements to apply for Canada's Permanent Resident. Our overall result shows that Canadian immigration process can be completed in less than six months whereas USA immigration process can take up to five years, depending on where a candidate submitted the application and how lucky the applicants are with their visa processing times. Another notable difference is that the application of US Green Card needs to be sponsored by their United States employer, whereas applicants of Canada do not need a job offer or work experience in order to apply for the Permanent Residence. Verdict: It is very clear that the gateway to permanent residency for skilled worker immigrants is simpler and easier for qualified candidates applying through Canada rather than the US. So, Fill Canadian application for, upload it, receive a visa and Immigrate to Canada!

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