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Report : The Scenario if Canada Stops Accepting Immigrants

In a recently published report, the Conference Board of Canada examined the scenario if Canada stops accepting the flow of immigrants. It shows that in case there are no new immigrants each year, the economy would be weak and also slow down. Furthermore, in case the immigration targets are increased the Canadian economy as well as the labor force will get good support.

CANADA 2040: No Immigration Versus More Immigration

The report also examined two imaginary situations and their impacts on Canada. The first was dealing with the scenario when Canada stops accepting new immigrants. The second was dealing with the scenario when Canada increases the number of immigrants. The results reflected the past research showing that the immigration was a major factor for growing the economy in the long term.

What Happens if Canada Stops to Accepts More Immigrants?

As per the report, if the country stops accepting new immigrants, its economy would get a setback.  The potential economic growth shows a tendency to slow down from 1.9% to 1.3% annually, if there are no immigrants. Moreover, the average age of the population will also increase, and 27% population would cross the age of 65 by 2040. In case Canada reduced the immigration programs, it would feel a great negative effect on the country as well as on the quality of life of the people.

The Scenario When Canada Increases the number of Immigrants

It also examined the impact of increasing targets in annual immigration. Presently, Canada accepts people at the immigration level of 0.8% of the population in Canada. This report put an insight into the scenario if this number was increased to 1% of the population. The result shows that after increasing the immigration level, the country stands better equipped in handling an aging population. Moreover, it is a fact that an elderly population puts a stress on the health and social services. The high immigration level would help the Canadian economy to achieve growth.

Canada Immigration Targets

In the present year the country aims to welcome 310,000 canada permanent residents by using the immigration programs. In two years these numbers will increase to 340,000. Experts proclaim the benefits of an increased immigration level, and also recommend that the yearly immigration target must be 450,000. Finally we know that the immigration level is below 1% of the population, and the government is aware of the crucial role played by immigrants. They directly sustain the economy and it will be in the interest of Canada to continue to accept more immigrants in the future.

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