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How To Immigrate To Canada As A Quebec Selected skilled worker?

The government of Quebec in affiliation with the federal government of Canada initiated a program which permits trained and highly educated nationals to reside in Quebec. The Quebec skilled worker program (QSWP) is a beautiful opportunity for nationals who would love to immigrate to Canada and possibly obtain a Canada PR (permanent residency) if they successfully meet up with the needed requirement. Prospective immigrants must pass through screening procedures which are guided by specific factors, and applicants who meet up the necessary point are awarded Quebec selection certificate (QSC) which is used for processing a Canada PR.

Nine selection factors guide the selection of successful prospective immigrants. The primary purpose of this exercise is to be assured that the immigrant will be coming to fortify the economy of Quebec. For a single immigrant, you are expected to score nothing less than 50 points while immigrant with family must have a minimum of 59 points. This article highlights the primary selection factors required to get the Quebec selection certificate and their respective points.

1. (26 points) The Quebec skilled worker program (QSWP)Training

This section holds the highest, and it is sub-divided into two categories which are; education(14 points) and area of discipline (12 points).

• Education (14 points)

A prospective immigrant needs a minimum of 2 points from education, to qualify for Quebec skilled worker program. It means every potential immigrant must possess a secondary school general diploma. There must be five-year proximity between the period of Quebec skill work program application and the secondary school education. Other educational degrees are; vocational high school diploma- 6 points, undergraduates degree- 10 points, master’s degree- 12 points, and doctorate- 14 points and so on.

• Area of training (12 points)

This section is to help ascertain the type of skills prospective immigrants possess and if it will add more values to Quebec. This section is subdivided into seven parts with section (a) taking 12 point which is the highest point. You should check out each of this section and find out where you best fit in.

2. Age (16 points)The Quebec skilled worker program (QSWP)Training

The Quebec government encourages young people to partake with the 16 points allocated to individuals between 18 to 35 years. They want lads that will foster the growth of the Quebec economy by staying a little longer with them.

• 18 to 35 years old - 16 points

• 36 years old - 14 points

• 37 years old - 12 points

• 38 years old - 10 points

• 39 years old - 8 points

• 40 years old - 6 points

• 41 years old - 4 points

• 42 years old - 2 points

• 43+ years of age - 0 points

3. Language Proficiency (22 points) The Quebec skilled worker program (QSWP)Training

The language section of the Quebec skilled worker program for Canada immigration is divided into parts English and French. Prospective immigrants are required to be much better with the use of French which is why it gets allotted with a total of 16 points. English receives the remaining 6 point which is very well understood since Quebec is a French-speaking community in Canada. Prospective immigrants won’t find it tedious in communicating with other immigrant or citizen in with this two primary language especially French.

There are other sections of this test which might not have been covered in this write-up, but these are the primary test holding the highest point.

In a bid to further improve their economy, the Quebec government is accelerating the influx of Canada immigrants who have specific skills that can help to bring further development to Canada.

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