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Options for Tourist Visa Holders to Get Canadian Permanent Residence
If you are traveling to Canada on a visitor visa, it is very challenging to turn that visitor visa into Canada PR Visa. In most instances, you would not be able to satisfy the eligibility criteria for permanent residency while in Canada on vacation. In some situations where you can successfully transform a visitor visa into Canadian permanent residency visa, it is because of extenuating conditions such as qualifying for the status of refugee or being in a relationship with a spouse that previously has citizenship of Canada. Though, if you have fallen in love with Canada and intend to immigrate, there are some other options that you are able to do while in Canada on a visitor visa.

Option 1: Work Permit

The initial choice you can explore is the opportunity of working in Canada. Canada grants work permits to the eligible candidates which enable them to move to Canada. In many instances, receiving a work permit is viewed as the initial step in becoming a Canadian permanent resident. You can utilize the time that you are in Canada on a visitor visa to look at several organizations and job openings. 

However, you might be expected to return to your native country because work permits can take a notable amount of time to be given. To receive a work permit, an employer will require to offer you a job offer, and you will have to appeal for a Canadian work permit.

Option 2: Study Permit

The second possibility that you might need to explore is appealing to a University in Canada. If you want to proceed with your education, this would be a great option. Canada owns many world-class reputed Universities, and a degree from any one of the University could assist to improve your career. To appeal for a study permit, you need first to apply and get admission to a Canadian University. Meantime when you are in Canada, you could visit many universities in Canada and search for what type of program you would be fascinated in. If you are allowed to a university, you can start the application of study permit. Similar to the work permit choice, you might be expected to return to your native country prior to the approval of a study permit.

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