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Manitoba Crosses 600 Mark in its Provincial Draw

Details of Manitoba Stream On May 11 2018, immigration officials in Manitoba conducted an Expression of Interest draw, 44th in number, under their Provincial Program. In it, 626 candidates received the invitation to apply across four streams Among them 151 candidates belonged to for the new Express Entry Pathway, which is a feature of the Skilled Workers Overseas stream. The least ranked candidate scored 562 points. Furthermore, 99 candidates received the invitation under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative . The minimum score here was 706 points. Under it, candidates can apply to meet the needs of a specific labor market. 109 candidates received the invitation in SWO Human Capital Pathway and had a least score of 602 points.

  • They needed a close relative in the province or past education/work experience in the province.
  • Moreover they needed to have 6 months of experience in the province in a top demand occupation.
  • There was also a norm to meet minimum language requirements.
Candidates under the Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream 267 received invitations, and had a lowest score of 500 points. MPNP: May 11, 2018 Draw



Invitations to Apply

Score of Lowest-Ranked Candidate

1) Skilled Workers in Manitoba

267 500
2) Skilled Workers Overseas a) Strategic Recruitment Initiative 99 706
b) Human Capital Pathway 109 602
c) Express Entry Pathway 151


  Furthermore in 2017, Manitoba in the provincial draws the SWM stream had a major share, but in the first draws of 2018 overseas candidates of the SWO stream received many invitations. In the previous draw of Manitoba of April 13th, 2018 400 candidates also received invitation to apply in two Manitoba streams. 316 candidates were invited for the Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream, and the least rank of a candidate was 534 points. 84 candidates received invitations in the Strategic Recruitment Initiative, and had a low score of 703 points. MPNP: April 13, 2018 Draw
Stream Sub-Stream Invitations to Apply Score of Lowest-Ranked Candidate
1) Skilled Workers in Manitoba 316 534
2) Skilled Workers Overseas a) Strategic Recruitment Initiative 84 703
  Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream This  meets the  needs of employers. This selects overseas trained workers possessing the necessary skills and offers a nomination to them to seek permanent residence. Additionally this stream gives a priority to candidates who have an attachment to the province. It has   two pathways to Manitoba immigration.
  1. a) Manitoba Work Experience Pathway
The applicants presently working in the province on temporary work permits, using the Temporary Foreign Worker Program or the international graduates based in any province pass the grade here. Additionally there is no need for the Candidates to work in top Demand Occupations
  1. b) Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway
The overseas applicants having job offers from a list of Manitoba employers who are approved, qualify here. Skilled Worker Overseas Stream The Skilled Worker Overseas Stream has the feature of both, the Canada Express Entry Pathway as well as the direct provincial pathway. It attracts global skilled workers having training and skills in top Demand Occupations. There is a Priority to applicants and their spouses who have close family connections, and possess proficiency in the language, as well as experience and training to locate jobs without losing time.
  1. A Manitoba  Express Entry Pathway
This caters to the international candidates who are eligible in another Provincial stream, and meet Express Entry criteria besides having a profile in it. All Candidates must possess skills, experience and training in a top Demand Occupation, and also have a good family connection to the province.
  1. b) Human Capital Pathway
This caters to the international skilled workers possessing skills, experience and training in a top Demand Occupation. Candidates must find a job soon after they reach Manitoba.

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