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Move to Canada - Job opportunities in Canada 2018

Find a Work in Canada

The major question put to our team by potential immigrants is regarding finding work in Canada. There is a genuine and pressing Concern regarding employment. Many people who do not have any work experience, or are unemployed for a long period of contact us. Furthermore, Employment is a major part of life, and it is significant for the people who seek permanent residency in Canada. The object of this review is addressing the important concerns of unemployed. We gathered current information about Canadian jobs bank and the salaries in Canada. Moreover it focuses on the information to see the future of immigration clearly.

Workers having a Huge Demand in Canada

Employment agencies have released a list of some professions which have a good demand in Canada in 2018. There are jobs in all sectors in the list which do not need training or basic skills. Furthermore there are entry level positions, and top management positions also. There are more openings to bring cheer to the immigrants. Additionally, as per the recent MARS Discovery District survey, 45% of the companies dealing in technology which had growth are presently hiring many global candidates in the last two years. Clearly more jobs are opening up exclusively for immigrants. There is a compilation of 15 positions which the small business sector finds tough to fill. When a small business fails to fill up the elementary positions for a long time there is great damage to it. No business can exist without efficient workers. Furthermore, the struggle to recruit workers prevents many small businesses in generating profits and there is a grave risk of them shutting down.

The 15 Tough Jobs to fill in Small Business Sector

Here are the positions unfilled after 60 days
  • Landscape designer 64 percent
  • Sushi chef 56 percent
  • Piano teacher 55 percent
  • Stylist 53 percent
  • Tire technician 52 percent
  • Roofer 52 percent
  • Pizza cooks 52 percent
  • HVAC installer 51 per cent
  • Pet groomer 50 percent
  • Seamstress 49 percent
  • Occupational therapist 49 percent
  • Security engineer 48 percent
  • Audio visual technician 48 percent
  • Lube technician 48 percent
  • Electronics technician 47 percent
In case these are filled up it will serve as a right deal for Canada.

Increase in Salaries for Workers in Canada

Presently, there are many opportunities for employment.  Stats Can the National Statistical Agency of Canada says that there is a steady increase in salaries in all sectors. Moreover, this increasing trend is not likely to lose any momentum. Average Annual Salaries in Canada by Sector There was a substantial increase in these sectors:
  • Finance and insurance $   70,668.0
  • Professional scientific and technical services $   70,408.0
  • Public administration $   65,572.0
  • Wholesale trade $   62,712.0
  • Educational services $   54,600.0
  • Health care and social assistance $   46,228.0
  • Retail trade $   28,808.0
  • Accommodation and food services $   20,488.0
Through these facts the immigrants can not only find a dream job, but also add job satisfaction.
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