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Canadian Province, Alberta programCanada Business Immigration programs have been introduced by the Federal Governments of Canada to make the country a destination for the investors. The most popular program of Canada, Start-up visa aims to provide permanent residency to the entrepreneurs who have been through the immigration process Canada.  The startup program introduced in the year 2014 is the replacement for the Canada Federal Investor Program. The startup visa program of Canada targets market capitalization worth $800 million gradually for three years. This visa programs accepts 2750 applications and connects them to the Canada approved business incubators, Angel investors group and venture capital. The Entrepreneurs have to seek the approval from the business incubator and find the investment from the investor groups to establish the company in Canada. The investors groups will act as facilitators to the entrepreneurs. The program accepts the visa application from the investors in three stages. In the initial phase, the applicant qualifies for his business strategy, upon successful qualification. The applicant will receive a temporary work permit and in the final stage, applicants will receive permanent residence under investors program. Approximately  may take six months or more. This is the direct and the fast way to open and start a business in Canada. This prestigious business program of Canada requires the entrepreneurs to gain the trust of the Investor groups. The experience businesses and innovative ideas that boost the Canadian economy will have an excellent opportunity to settle in Canada. Canada investor friendly approach is popular among the companies. Canada believes in creating the favorable business atmosphere with its investor programs.  

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