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Canada start-up visa helps you to build your business

Canada Start Up VisaCanada is a very good place to live and start your own business. It is a very lucrative country with lots of opportunities for enterprising individuals. As it is already having a stable and flourishing economy, it encourages entrepreneurs to build their own business with a start-up visa. For obtaining this visa, if you approach Opulentus visa consultancy, it helps you in a swift and timely manner. Canada start-up visa This visa category enables prospective entrepreneurs to start their own business in Canada by working in conjugation with private sector establishments in the country. This will open doors to multiple job opportunities in the country while making a significant contribution to the economy of Canada. Investment requirement criteria In order to start your business in Canada, all you need to do is obtain from a Canadian venture capital fund or an angel investor group, a minimum amount as an investment.

  • In case of a Canadian venture capital fund, you should be able to get a minimum investment of 200,000 dollars
  • For an angel investor group, the money coming in should equal 75,000 dollars as a minimal investment
Eligibility for an investor In order to set up your own business with a Canada start-up visa, you should be meeting certain requirements a stated below:-
  • Should be self-sufficient for settling in Canada
  • Language proficiency
  • Proof to indicate a designated organization backing your business idea
The chief advantage of this visa class is that even if you fail in your start-up, it will in no way affect your permanent residency as this visa is all about sharing risks by the public and private sector. How Opulentus helps? Since the time it has started functioning, the Opulentus visa consultancy has been catering to the needs of its clients when it comes to visas and immigration. It has carved a niche for itself owing to the positive outcome of results. Its reputation is spread across many countries as it takes home the fact that at the end of the day, client satisfaction is what is important for them. Approach Opulentus today for all visa-related services!

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