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Canada to Revamp Universities With C$2 Billion

International-Students-in-Canada-to-StudyCanada provides competitive international education to the foreign students. Students from all corners of the world come here to pursue higher students. Canada education export contributes to its economy, understanding the importance of the international education; Canada has planned to spend C$2 billion for three years.

As the measure to revamp its education system and infrastructure the Federal Government of Canada has announced C$2 billions in the recent budget announcement. These funds would be used to provide better infrastructure facilities, research and commercial organizations.

The allotted funds will be used systematically to develop higher education campuses in Canada for three years from 2016-17. The announcement of funds was made by the Justin Trudeau Government in the budget allocation. The distribution of funds is to make the education affordable in Canada.

Canada has eased many policies to facilitate the international students with the immigration procedures. Recently, Canada Immigration Minister John McCallum announced that international students are skillful; it would be beneficial to make them permanent citizens after completion of education.

Canada is taking measures to facilitate immigration. Students who study in Canada will have the advantage of time spent in Canada. Their full-time student time spent in Canada considered as the halftime valid to apply for Canada Citizenship.

Canada is revamping the whole structure of immigration to facilitate the skillful and the most efficient people who can contribute to its economy.

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