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Canadian Govt. Discontinues PR Streams for Caregivers in Nov 2019

Caregiver Canada PR Stream IRCC has announced not to accept applications in the Caring for Children Program. Same is the case in Caring for People with high Medical Needs Program. A notice regarding this appears in the standard text on their website. These two programs were the replacement of the Live-In Caregiver Program on November 29, 2014. These programs were a pilot-project and had a lifespan of only five years. Their date of expiry is on November 29, 2019.

Suggestions for getting Canada Permanent Resident

Furthermore, Caregivers who are not in a position to complete 24 months of full-time work before November 29, 2019, are not eligible to apply seeking the permanent residence in Canada. As a result, the federal government will decide to review both the programs and take the next step. Firstly, it can be getting rid of them totally. The alternative is to renew or replace them and introduce a similar program. Moreover, in all likelihood, the government will announce prior to the expiry date. This is a confusing and upsetting development to many caregivers in Canada.  They are also surprised by this. The caregiver community is afraid that the caregiver program will end.

Need for Childcare in Canada

Presently, there is a great need for childcare and care for elderly in Canada. Moreover, already there is a shortage of persons in this category. This program attracts several caregivers from across the world. The workers leave their families and children and pursue the caring work for families in Canada. The reason is better employment opportunities and high wages in Canada. Today though there is some uncertainty, caregivers will arrive in Canada and hope to become permanent residents.

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