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How to Apply for Federal Skilled Worker Visa?

If you are in thoughts to travel to Canada, you would aware of Provincial programs which help you to migrate easily. The PNP's allows Canadian provinces to nominate candidates who want to Immigrate to Canada and the candidates who are interested to settle in a particular province. Securing a successful PNP's means that the applicants can directly apply for the permanent residents of Canada. In this article, we are providing the 5 popular Provincial Nominee Programs for skilled workers who are living in the overseas.

1) Nova Scotia Demand– Express Entry (Category B)

• In-Demand Work Experience: Need • Profile of Express Entry: Need • The procedure of Application: First-come, First-Served. The beautiful, Nova Scotia's seaside province is looking for highly skilled workers to fill their employment openings. If applicants are having in-demand occupations and profile in the Express Entry profile, then Nova Scotia Demand – Express Entry will be the best opportunity for applicants to immigrate to Canada. The Challenge: This Program will be closed for most of the year, just opens 3-6 months in a year. PNP approves few applications only on the basis of first come, first served. It’s really a challenge to get the application submitted in their window.

2) Saskatchewan Express Entry:

• Profile in Express Entry: Need • In-Demand Work Experience: Need • The procedure of Application: CRS Score The province of Saskatchewan Express Entry selects thousands of skilled workers every year through its Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs. This stream is perfect for those candidates who have Express Entry profiles and also work experience in any one of the listed in-demand professions. The Challenge: Saskatchewan will use a points-grid system which is for 100 points to rank the eligible applicants. The overseas workers who are interested to immigrate to Canada can submit their profiles on EOI (Expression of Interest). Noted that the most skilled and competitive workers only selects in this stream.

3) Saskatchewan Occupation In-Demand

• Profile in Express Entry: No need • In-Demand Work Experience: Need • The procedure of Application: CRS Score Along with the Express Entry stream mentioned above, Saskatchewan also operates the Occupations In-Demand for those overseas employees who are not having Express Entry profiles. The Challenge: As same Express Entry stream, this stream also uses a points-grid system to find the skilled applicants. In this programs, only most competitive and skilled candidates will be chosen.

4) Ontario Human Capital Priorities

• Profile in Express Entry: Need • In-Demand Work Experience: No need • The procedure of Application: Automatic Toronto is one of the most destinations that the immigrants wanted to live in Canada, the Ontario province is running a Provincial Nominee Program to fill the labour shortage. The HCP stream hires applicants out of the Express Entry pool and welcomes them to apply for the province directly. The Challenge: This Human Capital Priorities Stream picks candidates directly from the Express Entry pool by contacting them through their online Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) account. The candidates who acquire more than 400 points in CRS score will be welcomed and even then, not every applicant with an above 400 score will get an invitation.

5) Manitoba Skilled Worker Overseas

• Profile in Express Entry: No need • In-Demand Work Experience: Need • Application Procedure: CRS Score Manitoba province uses the (MPNP) Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to attract the highly skilled occupants to the province. This Manitoba Skilled Worker Overseas stream uses a Competitive ranking system to choose only skilled and competitive applicants for Canada immigration. All the applicants should have professional work experience in any one of listed Manitoba’s in-demand employment. The Challenge: Applicants should have a relation to the territory or province, either through a relative or a friend who lives there. Applicants will be selected using Manitoba PNP Ranking System and only competitive candidates and highly skilled will be invited to apply for Canada immigration Visa.  

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