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Getting a Canadian Business Visa in 5 Easy Steps
Posted on: 20 Jul 2018  |   Tags: Canada Business Immigration , Canada Business Visa ,

Canada is seen to be one of the most suitable destinations when business people and investors think of expanding their business and investing. Canada immigration and Government tend to encourage individuals from all over the world to contribute to and invest in the Canadian economy, hence causing a rise in international exposure and an extensive source of revenue for business people. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada see Canada business immigration as engaging in international business activities in Canada without precisely penetrating the Canadian labor market. However, there are only a few provincial and federal programs that have been made available for foreign individuals looking to enter Canada for business immigration. Are you looking to get a Canadian business visa? Here are 5 easy steps to do so:

1. Check if You are Eligible

First things first, find out all the requirements you need to meet if you are to be considered in your preferred business program. For example, business immigration streams in Ontario will have a different set of requirements from those in P.E.I. However, it ultimately depends largely on the amount of investment or trade you are bringing to Canada. While you are checking for the requirements for individual programs, it is advisable you also check the essential prerequisites for anyone visiting Canada. You will find out that many things can bar someone from coming into Canada, not regarding their financial status or the amount of trade or investments they are bringing. All of these need to be considered before you even start the application process.

2. Pick the Program that Your Business Fits Into

There is a petition of options available for foreign individuals looking to consider Canada business immigration. Once you’ve successfully gone through these options, you need to pick the best business stream that your planned business will successfully fit into. Doing this, and finding out the industries Canada and her provinces are looking to grow, will invariably improve the odds of your Canadian business visa application being accepted.

3. Have the Appropriate Paperwork on Hand

Okay, this might be the most tiresome part of getting that Canadian business visa. You need to get all the necessary paperwork that proves you meet the requirement of the stream or business program you are applying through. This paperwork could include economic information like business plans and detailed financial statements, amongst others. You will also need to prepare for appropriate fees, fill out all the forms for your application, and submit proof of experience and any degree certificate, along with government-issued identification.

4. Confirm Submission Formats and Deadlines

There are some deadlines to be met depending on the business immigration stream you decide to go with. Confirm that you are submitting the required paperwork in the correct format and at the right time. While you can provide some information online, you need to submit others in person.

5. Get a Visa or ETA

Now that you have everything set and your application has been approved, it’s time to plan for your trip to Canada. You’ll need to get an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization), which became a requirement for a visitor’s itinerary in 2016. However, traditionally accepted documents like a valid passport can be used, but you will also need to meet the requirements of the stream you applied through. Sometimes, you might also need to get a visa, which has to be presented at the border to an officer, alongside your eTA, to verify that you have been authorized to enter Canada for business immigration.


You can quickly obtain your Canadian business visa with these 5 steps, or if you decide you want to focus more on your business, there are immigration lawyers with vast knowledge of the processes involved that can help you in getting your business visa.

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