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Canada Action Plan to give Immigration Support for French Speakers

Canada has announced that a massive funding allocation of $40.8 million in an Action Plan for Official Languages. This is an initiative of investing in the Future. Out of this budget, $12.6 million is for creating an initiative, the Francophone Immigration Strategy that will be implemented in the next three years. It will create a series of programs/activities for supporting and integrating newcomers who speak French and are interested in immigrating to Canada.

The aim of this Comprehensive Plan of the Canadian Government is to contribute towards the diversification of the country. Another aim is promoting the official languages among the minority communities.

These 14 Welcoming Francophone Communities come under this program:

  • Calgary (Alberta);
  • Prince George (British Columbia);
  • Gravelbourg and Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan);
  • Seine River Region (Manitoba);
  • Hamilton, Hawkesbury and Sudbury (Ontario);
  • Haut-Saint-Jean (New Brunswick);
  • Labrador City-Wabush (Newfoundland and Labrador);
  • Municipality of Clare (Nova Scotia);
  • √Čvangeline Region (PEI);
  • Iqaluit (Nunavut)
  • Whitehorse (Yukon); and
  • Yellowknife (Northwest Territories); 

Francophone Immigration Strategy will Benefit French-speaking Nationals

The Francophone Immigration Strategy has adopted a joint approach, with the provincial, federal, territorial and community partners. Additionally it is a proof of the dedication of Ahmed Hussen, the Immigration Minister, in supporting labor and community needs of the country.

A trend of growth

Moreover, during the last six months, 4.5% candidates that received an ITA for permanent residency by using the Express Entry System spoke French. This is 1.6% increase in comparison to 2017, when only 2.9% invitations were issued.

The anticipated target is increasing the Francophone immigration to the level of 4.4% of immigrants speaking French outside Quebec in the next four years. This will give a boost to the capacity of communities.

These important investments have received an overenthusiastic response among newcomers speaking French.  Authorities are continually looking for measures of improving and expanding their initiatives, for instance like the opening of the Francophone Integration Pathway. This has the aim of offering a series of settlement services to immigrants across the nation. The I.R.C.C. has also introduced an approach that supports French-speaking candidates in their immigration process to Canada. This offers specific benefits to the French-speaking nationals in these ways:

1. Express Entry System offers extra Points

The candidates who are strong in both French and English language get extra points which ensure a triumph in the application process.

2. Improved Access to French Tests

There will be a second tester for the French-language proficiency tests. This will specifically help candidates who apply in economic immigration programs. This is an assistance to make the tests accessible and affordable.

3. Supporting Temporary Residents

The Mobilité Francophone stream commenced, in June 2016, and allowed the foreign nationals speaking, French and the international students plus temporary workers, to gain employment, and work experience, that is desirable for qualifying in canada permanent residency.

4. Accessibility of Public Services

Public services are provided, in French, in a wide range of sectors for improving the sustainability and retention of nationals speaking French into the communities. Access to such services helps in improving social integration and also builds ongoing connections with the community. These are the services on offer.

Top Services Offered to nationals speaking French

Access to affordable housing; improved employment opportunities; healthcare; education; and Presence of family networks

5. Increased Employer Engagement

Beginners among those who arrive having fluency in official languages find employment, and earn a high salary easily. They also have a great potential for growth in comparison to other immigrants. The government focuses on information services to assist employers who can recruit skilled workers speaking French. Helping the employers to provide employment opportunities to the newcomers is a welcome initiative.

6. Studying in French

Nationals speaking French get the bonus of getting an outstanding education in French at the prestigious institutions in Canada.

7. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusiveness

Several pilot projects were launched in supporting the energy of Francophone and Acadian communities, located outside Quebec. As a result the campaigns helped in integrating newcomers in the communities successfully.

8. Programs for French-speakers

Provincial Nominee Programs include a few categories that specifically attract Nationals speaking French. There is an Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream in Ontario, under the O.I.N.P. that helps immigrants speaking French in addition to better ability in English language to seek employment and get residency in the province.

These benefits help in realizing the aspirations making relocating to Canada possible. Linguistic duality gives an edge in the immigration process.

We guide you to explore the choicest of the programs. We are by your side in the immigration process. Through us you can maximize your chance of success to apply for the Canadian visa.

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