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Nova Scotia Nominee Program is the Gateway for Canada Immigration

Immigrating to Canada is now easier than it ever was. Different provinces in Canada now offer Provincial Nominee programs for individuals who would like to immigrate into any of their provinces. Each province has its own specific application requirement. One of the best provinces to immigrate to is Nova Scotia. It’s a small province with a very beautiful scenery and delicate cuisine. It is surrounded by the natural beauty of a sea, green forests, lakes and delicate farmlands. To top it off, the cost of living in Nova Scotia is one of the lowest in Canada, and houses are also affordable. The requirement for the Nova Scotia Nominee program is also not as complicated or cumbersome as that for other provinces. You can immigrate to Nova Scotia under any of the following programs: Physician                                                           It is a newly added stream to the program; it was created because of the need for skilled physicians to work in the region. The individuals eligible for this stream directly impact the province’s public health system. The specialists usually hired are special practitioners, family physicians, and specialist physicians. Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Stream This program selects professionals and highly skilled individuals whose occupations are presently in high demand in the region and who wish to live in Nova Scotia permanently. Individuals who intend to apply under this program should have a good chance of finding a job in the labor market in the region. Applications are made through the express entry program. Entrepreneur This category applies to immigrants who intend to set up a business in Nova Scotia. For people who to settle fully in Nova Scotia, It attracts high net worth applicants who intend to settle in the province, and who meet the labor requirement and economic requirement. Applicants in this category can apply for it, as it is treated as a show of interest.  The applications received will then be reviewed against the immigration goals of the province. Applicants, who have their application approved, are required to operate a business in Nova Scotia with a work permit that is valid for at least one year before you can be eligible for Canadian residence. Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry Stream The people eligible for this category are highly skilled individuals who have either worked for an employer in the region for at least a year or more. The people applying under this head should also qualify under the Federal Express Entry pool. Skilled Worker This category is aimed at foreign workers. This stream helps Nova Scotia employers recruit foreign workers whose skill set are not readily available. This category is mainly directed at international students. The skilled occupations in demand are financial auditors, accountants, financial officers, civil engineers, registered nurses, college instructors among others. International Graduate Entrepreneur This category is aimed at individuals who have completed their study from a Nova Scotia University, or a community college in the province. Candidates are nominated if they intend to settle in the province. This works on an Expression of Interest basis (EOI), applicants submitting EOI are selected through a point-based system hinged on different factors. Highly ranked candidates are then given the Invitation to Apply.    

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