Austria Red-White-Red Card

Austria VisaAustria has introduced a flexible new immigration scheme: the Red-White-Red Card. This scheme aims to smooth the progress of the immigration of capable third-country workers and their families so that they can permanently settle in Austria, based on personal and labour-market related criteria. Austria Red-White-Red Card works as a boon for many highly skilled workers who want to make it big in Austria. The government of Austria allows such people to start working in Austria and also sponsor their family members. Although, it is a temporary visa for any applicant, it could prove as a base of permanent visa in long term.

Requirements of Red-White-Red Card

The Red-White-Red Card is valid only for a period of twelve months and once allotted; it has to be made sure that the candidate is working for the same employer for next 12 months. Extremely highly qualified workers who know skills which are demand in Austria can apply for this card. The skilled workers in shortage occupations can also apply for Red-White-Red Card and hence stay there for up to 12 months.  The graduates of Austrian universities and colleges of higher education are also eligible for applying for this card. This card allows anyone to work in Austria for next 12 months.

Documents Required

The applicant must ensure that they have few of the documents ready with them, while applying for Austria White-Red-White card.         The adequate amount of money and its proof to show that the applicant is able to stay in Austria by his/ her own has to be shown in the terms of financial statements. Health insurance coverage involves applicants’ own capability to sustain in Australia while his/her stay is mandatory to be shown. A lease contract should also been shown to the authorities while staying there.

Other factors

While staying in Austria, one can also apply for Austria Red-White-Red Plus which enables the applicant to stay anywhere in Austria and can work for any employer. Third-country citizens who want to take up jobs as key workers as per their qualifications, can apply for a Red-White-Red Card Prospective employer will pay the statutory minimum salary for key workers over 30 years of age should have a gross monthly pay of €2664. The family of the Austria Red-White-Red card holder can also apply for the same. The fees for applying the card is near about € 100 in which € 80 has to be paid in advance and rest has to be paid after the issuance.

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