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Austria EU blue card- Seek Opulentus assistance for expert assistance

Are you applying for Austria EU blue card? Before applying you need to know the requirements and application procedure to avoid any sort of delays. To help you out, we are providing the information that is required to get the Austria EU blue card easily.

Pre-requisites of Austria EU blue card

If you are a third country national, then you need to satisfy certain requirements such as:
  • Completed a course at an educational institution or territory institution with a duration of three years
  • Acquired a binding job offer for minimum one year in Austria and the employment should be relevant to the applicant’s educational qualifications
  • Should earn a gross annual income of at least one and a half times the average gross yearly income of full-time employees
  • Qualify in the labor market test that shows that there is no other qualified worker registered as a jobseeker with the Public Employment Service available for the job
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Austria EU Blue card application form

Austria EU Blue card application can be filed by the applicant at your nearest Austrian embassy. An employer’s declaration has to be filed along with the application. Individuals who are permitted to enter the country without a visa or have a valid residence permit can also file an application. In order to apply for Austria EU Blue card, applicants are not required to qualify under for the EU Blue Card.

Required documents of Austria EU Blue card

The following are the few documents that should be submitted for the grant of a residence permit:

  • Valid travel document
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of family relationship
  • Health insurance
  • Educational credentials

If you hold all the required documents and are interested to apply for the Austria EU blue card, then you can take the help of Opulentus immigration counselors for excellent immigration assistance. Our visa counselors are highly qualified and know how to tackle the situations and cases. We stand by you in every situation and make your immigration process easy and simple.

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