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Australia Subclass 188 Visa

Australia is one of the most prosperous countries in the world today. It boasts of the 13th largest economy in the world. It is very popular for its serene landscape which is enhanced by its world-class tourism industry. It is also highly respected for its high ranking indices in most of the basic needs of humanity. For example, it has the 10th highest per capital income as well as the 2nd highest human capital development index in the world. It is known that Australia invests in its people regardless of race, beliefs, and color. In spite of all these, this country has not closed its borders to emigrants who would love to stay and work in the country. In fact, it has a lot of schemes for anyone who would love to come in and be a part of the nation. The country has always believed that, no matter how prosperous or stable it may be, there would always be room for talented and innovative individuals to further the development and growth. One of the opportunities created for people who would love for Australian Immigration migrate to and work in the country is the Subclass 188, Business Innovation and Investment Visa.

Subclass 188 Visa for Immigration to Australia

This scheme is a state nominated Visa for business owners and investors. It usually carries four-year tenure of provisional residency at first after which it would be reviewed towards an Australia PR Visa. It is issued by the State of Queensland in southern region, and it consists of five streams from which intending applicants can choose from. The streams are: Entrepreneur Stream: Anyone taking this must have a funding agreement with a third party up to the tune of AUD 200,000 to undertake an entrepreneurship activity that would lead to the commercialization of a product or service within this nation as well as the development of a business in the country. Business Investment Stream: This is for successful business owners and investors who are willing to invest at least AUD 1,500,000 into the economy of the state for the stipulated period of four years. Business Innovation Stream: This is for business owners who wish to relocate their business to the state or who would want to start a new business. Premium Investor Stream: This is only available to exceptionally talented individuals who can benefit Australia. These individuals are nominated by the state themselves after might have demonstrated the high level of competency that has a prospect in helping the nation. Significant Investor Stream: This is for individuals who are willing to invest significantly in Australia. The investment amount is at a minimum of $5 million.

What are the Prospects and Benefits?

The prospects and benefits are much. A few of them are listed below: • You can travel in and out of Australia at any time without hindrance as long as the Business Visa remains valid. • You can bring your family over to Australia if you deem it fit, and they would be eligible to work, stay and study. • You would be able to enjoy all the ample benefits of a citizen without any discrimination.

Procedure to Apply for the Business Visa Australia

Prospective applicants must apply through the government Home Office department.

Here are the steps:

• Pick an expression of interest form from the home office’ website and fill in all the details. • Upload all the required documents. • Pay the application fee to process your application. • Your application would be reviewed, and if successful, you would be called to lodge your visa application by the home office. If you are planning for Immigrating to Australia then Opulentus is there to assist for the processing of successful visas.

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