Procedure to Get Australia Permanent Resident Visa

Procedure to Get Australia Permanent Resident VisaAustralian government allows Skilled Migrant to Reside Permanently with family (Spouse or Partner and kids), having a full-time job on PR visa.

Australia PR visa process will take 6-7 months to get completed. The process is faster, smoother and very easy. Below are the steps:

Stage 1: Skills Assessment:

  • This process is the initial stage and here the applicant will be verified if the qualifications and skills match to the standard of Australian standards.

Duration: Processing time may vary depending on the inflow of applications. Minimum 3 months will be required.

Stage 2: English Language Proficiency

  • You should be ready with the IELTS by the time you get the skills assessment results, so that you can proceed with the next phase of the process without any hindrance.
  • Few assessing authorities may require IELTS along with the skills assessment application

Duration: 1-2 months as it depends on the availability of dates and including the timelines to obtain the results and score card. IELTS can be completed   along with skills assessment.

Stage 3: Expression of Interest (EOI)

  • This process is required to submit your expression of interest before you can lodge the visa.
  • Until you get your invitation from the government you cannot proceed with the visa.

Duration: 2-4 weeks. However, it is subjective to cap and selection dates.

Stage 4: State sponsorship

  • At this stage the applicant needs to get a nomination from the state which is mandatory to qualify for the visa. You required applying for state nomination, only if you are processing for 190 visa subclass

Duration: 2-3 months however it is subjective to department’s discretion and opening of job in states.

Stage 5: Visa

  • This is the final stage of GSM visa application process.
  • It is an online application and the fee can be paid only by credit card which has enough credit limit to make the visa application fee

Duration: 3-5 months

Stage 6: Medicals & Police clearances

  • Required for all visa applicants. Without clearing medicals, visa can’t be finalized.
  • Character requirements – PCC required for all applicants above 16yrs for all the countries where they have lived more than 6 months.


  • Duration: Medicals- 3-7 days
  • May take longer if any health concerns found.
  • PCC- Depends on the issuing authority /Country. May vary from 2-3 weeks.

Visa Grant          

  • E-visa issued by email or fax, issued for all the visa applicants. Visa stamping is not required on Passport

Duration: Within a month of application

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