Australian Distinguished Talent Visa

The distinguished talent visa is a great initiative by the Australian immigration authorities to allow the internationally recognized personality of various professions like sports, entertainment, academia, arts and research. The immigration system helps the exceptional talents to enter the country by the help of this distinguished talent visa of subclass 124.

There are some eligibility criteria for getting this status of subclass 124 or the distinguish talent visa.  The applicant must be a famous personality and has a worldwide recognition for his exceptional talent in his relative field. Generally the eminent personalities from Arts, research, academia, sports and entertainment are eligible for this category.  The applicant should be treated as an important asset for Australia. The applicant should be in his profession during the course of visa application.

The applicant should be nominated or get eligible by an organization or a person. The applicant must be a foreign individual. Generally, the visa provided to the overseas genius of outside Australia. The moral conduct of the applicant is one more mandatory parameter for the approval of this status.  The candidate also has to meet the character and health requirements in this regard. The English proficiency of the applicant should be good and must have functional skill in English. The applicant should not have any outstanding sum unpaid to the government of Australia in this regard.

There are several benefits of getting the status of distinguished talented visa.  By obtaining this status the candidate can live in any part of Australia without any restricted boundary. During the stay, the applicant can able to work in Australia. The visa holder can get the benefits of Medicare, health care and the other providing by the Australian government. If the visa holder is able to fulfill certain criteria then he will eligible to apply for the citizenship status. The validity of this visa is for five years. The candidate can sponsor his relative to getting the PR in Australia.

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