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The growing economy of Australia magnetizes many immigrants from around the world. Initially, it was recognized as the renowned education hub for providing world class education but now universities of Australia are providing promising future and the dream lifestyle after the education and lucrative job that attract the students to the country. Australia is now reformed its immigration policy to open the door for skilled individuals of different domains. This initiative is completely design to enhance the financial growth and avoid the skill shortage. Australia requires more numbers of potential immigrants of different trades to fulfill its human resource shortages. The visa would be granted to skill specific employees with required education and experience. The majority of this requirement has come from the southeastern region of the country where major population resides. There are a number of documents required to even fulfill these formalities. The documents that require verification include those of work experience and educational qualification, apart from the usual identification proof, evidence of financial fund and letter of acceptance to the universities. Also, students completing their education from Australian universities tend to have an advantage over the international students. Also, the individuals who have prior experience of working in Australia, for them Job opportunities are available in various fields of employments. Research, technology, energy sector, hospitality, medicine, engineering, and mining are some of the fields with high requirements. Australia immigration department publishes a yearly report updating about the requirements in upcoming sectors and also about the process involved for those seeking these opportunities. There are various other visas also for the budding entrepreneurs. Australia is indeed moving towards multicultural and cosmopolitan nation with global citizenship. The country's culture and policies are immigration friendly. Another sector where Australia is attracting revenue is the tourism. Earlier it was just about kangaroos and the Opera House, but now the country is launching a range of campaigns, ranging from the tourism to adventure sports and education. The most looked forward to them is the underwater coral tours. Today Australia has all it needs for a better future, a moving economy and a pool of talented people to build its development plans on.  

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