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My Review for Opulentus Immigration Consultancy

What do actually you expect from a visa consultancy?-a visa, right? Is that all enough or you look at something else? If that alone is enough, then there are hell lots of consultancies across the globe. However, if you care for respect, professionalism and values, there’s only one visa consultancy that can live up to its expectations. Yes, it’s Opulentus immigration services that I am referring to.Opulentus Review

Highly professional and departmental, Opulentus guys received my requests with utmost care. I would often shoot dozens of emails to them. I must agree that it might have irked them. They never expressed it. Sometimes I used to email to different department. They would in turn forward my request. They, however, never said ‘no, don’t email this department, it’s the supreme department.’

This is something that actually makes me adore Opulentus. It’s never one-way communication or one-side approach to make things successful. Opulentus knows this very well. That’s the reason why they actually remain in touch with you and give the much needed support even in worst cases such as rejection of visa for some reasons.

Yes, granting or rejecting visa is at the sole discretion of the high command. However, you can’t ignore or say ‘ok my game is over, you suffer now,’ when you don’t get a visa.

Opulentus truly understands the position of its clients. After all, we should never forget we are humans first.

Opulentus Internal Review Report – Video

That’s the reason why Opulentus emailed me with their much supporting lines and even spoke to me on phone and asked me not to worry. These small things really come under microscope and yes it was for this amazing response, the respect for Opulentus escalated in my heart. I asked them for a solution, they guided me and told me to apply for an appeal. I went with them and finally got a visa. I strongly support and recommend Opulentus. Society is in need of consultancies such as Opulentus.


  1. I had some doubts related to the visa rules and regulations. I immediately approached Opulentus they clarified and explained me the entire process of immigration.

  2. Opulentus visa company is not like all other consultancies. They are professional and have got high business standards.

  3. I availed Opulentus services some 8 years back. Since then I have been their regular visitor for all my immigration needs. Such is their concern.

  4. Earlier many visa consultancies burned my pockets even when I went for processing tourist visas. It’s only Opulentus that charged me genuinely.

  5. I have heard a lot about the Austria Red-White-Red card which allows the visa holder to work in the country. I wish to immigrate to Austria. Can you guys help me?

  6. As a permanent resident of Canada, I would now like to bring my family here to stay with me. Can the immigration experts of Opulentus firm help in getting a Canada family immigration visa?

  7. The immigration team of Opulentus is so good and supportive. The visa counselors were so dedicated and offered the best assistance to me over all the times. Thanks a lot for your support.

  8. I want to bring in my parents to Australia to accompany along with me in Australia. So I want to know which visa they should opt to join me.

    1. Hi kashyap.

      You will need to have a sponsor to apply for a parent category visa to live in Australia as a temporary or permanent resident.
      Has lived in Australia lawfully for at least two years before the parent lodges their visa application.

  9. Maybe this is inexplicable to show my happiness towards opulentus how it supported me.Yes, I was initially very scared the way they pitched me and all technical words they used, as things moving I got into clear with the complete procedure,opulentus team is so patience, reachable to my mail query at any time.After one and half year process I am with visa in my hands.Thank you whole opulentus team

  10. Certainly, I wasted small amount money, because of one agent though that person is known to us, so never and ever again I decided to get into that trap.Come on this is very pathetic for us.Finally, I got opulentus like a spotlight after losing all my interest.I should thank Opulentus for igniting my hope back again; this is all my destiny which I didn’t predict.

    Thanks for being with me Opulentus

  11. More than happiness, I am overwhelmed by the services and support by the Opulentus.This is how my career came into the streamlined, with lots of hard work and efforts, yes of course time consumed for this process. But the heights I reached now is enormous, so time I waited is exceptional. I am very glad to say that I am client to Opulentus

  12. Intentionally I am writing this comment to “Opulentus” apart from the mail because I want the entire world to know that how I got benefitted because of Opulentus. Maybe Opulentus does need my review here; this is how I want to show my gratitude to them and their team.

    It was awesome experience when I got the information about my work visa confirmation to Canada.I should say “Thanks” to whole opulentus team who helped me in this process

  13. Opulentus made my days. Initially, I have no thoughts to migrate to Australia.One fine day I got a call from the Opulentus process team and explained me the whole process though it was very impressive, lots of fear in my head to take the next step, then I did some online research about the process as well as the immigration consultant.Then after the very long gap, I dropped to Opulentus they cleared all my queries.

  14. what is the difference between Canada express entry and QSWP?
    Can anyone suggest me the best for Skilled work to immigrate to Canada ?

  15. I would like to thank the entire team at Opulentus visa immigration consultants for helping me in getting the Australian Visa.They have a very well structured and convenient way to handle user communication and documents upload.The entire process was very hassle free and easy for me.The call support from time to time was very helpful and cleared all my doubts if any.Once again thank you, Opulentus team who ever handled my process to get it done successfully.Cheers!!

  16. Hi,

    I am interested in Australia PR visa, but before going to proceed about all the details, i have doubt there is lot of fraud is going on for online business, i want to check the testimonials personally, is there any option to confirm

    1. Hi Hema,

      Yes ,you can visit to your nearest Opulentus branch to see all the valid details.

      FYI – Before going to start the process, First the consultants will check whether you are eligible for the process or you not qualify to the process

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